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90 day access to your

Health Habits Program

90 day access to your

Health Habits Program

The all-in-one healthy living program for busy women.

Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, online exercise classes
+ bonus mindset journal.
Available for a short time only!

Valued at over $900


Ready to stop wishing you had "me time" and ready to cross "get healthy" off your to-do list?


Not superwoman but wish you were?

As women, we wear sooo many hats every day. It's easy for our needs to end up at the bottom of the pile to be done "one day" when there's spare time (ahem, never!). You want to do it all but there aren't enough hours in the day. I'm here to take the hard work out of being healthy.

Your 90 day Healthy Habits Program is your complete healthy living solution. From meal plans to online exercise classes to support community. In a week you'll have more energy. In a month you'll have lost a few pounds without even trying. Soon you'll be feeling toned and ready to take on the world. And did I mention you'll be saving a ton of time with all the planning done for you??

The Healthy Habits Program will give you a wellbeing makeover

so you can get on with the rest of your life.

You’ll get 90 day access to your complete healthy living program:

    1. Easy meal planning so you always know what you’re having & have the ingredients on hand:

  • 48 dietitian created quick & tasty recipes. Gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan options available.
  • 3 weeks of meal plans & shopping lists.

    2. On-demand, online exercise classes so you can fit your exercise in fast & be COVID safe:

  • Instructed by me, Australia’s leading Exercise Physiologist.
  • 11 equipment-free online exercise classes including cardio, resistance & stretching.

    3. Community & support so you’re always motivated and never alone:

  • BONUS: Exclusive Facebook support community with great, like-minded women.
  • BONUS: the first 100 women will get a free, never before released, 90 day healthy living mindset journal.

Valued at over $900


Your all-in-one healthy living program equals:


Meal plans, shopping lists & recipes


Exercise Physiologist led online classes

inner fire

Motivation & support community

"Marni's keeping me fit with amazing recipes and quick home workouts."


Hey, it's Marni Nicole here!

I was in hospital for 7 weeks with meningitis, myocarditis, migraines, fevers and chronic fatigue. I felt barely human. I couldn’t work and caring for my 4 year old seemed impossible when I could hardly lift my head off the pillow. This was on the back of 15 surgeries in recent years. An emergency C-section. A hernia repair. An ankle reconstruction. And a bunch of procedures on my neck and back. My fitness had taken an absolute beating, I’d put on 45lbs and my self-confidence was suffering.

I’m one of Australia’s leading Exercise Physiologists. I've run my own clinics for 15 years helping thousands of people reclaim their health and fitness. But this time it wasn’t a client, it was me. And even though I “knew” all the stuff it wasn’t easy. I wanted to focus on my health but between crazy, hectic mom life and the chronic fatigue it was so hard. I tried using recipes from a meal kit delivery service and buying my own ingredients to save money. But it was too time-consuming and the meals weren’t very healthy.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I used my knowledge to develop a world-class, easy and convenient healthy living program. It's not only helped me but now helped women all over the world feel healthy and energized from the inside out. With meal plans, online exercise classes and support community.

In 90 days I lost 28lbs without trying, my primary focus was improving my health. I felt organized with my food and was kicking goals with my fitness. Most importantly I’d re-found my spark for life. I really felt like I had crossed “get healthy” off my to-do list.

Maybe you can associate with some of the struggles I’ve been through. If so, I'd be honored to be your mentor on your health journey. I’ve been there, I’ve helped lots of other people that have been there and, if you’re open to it, I know I can help you too.

"Marni taught me the value of having the support of someone who understands how the body works. I’ve achieved results beyond what I thought was possible when we started together. Her down to earth nature made working with Marni a true pleasure. She can help anyone get fitter, stronger and healthier than they have ever been!"

Simone, Melbourne, AUS

Now's your chance to level up your food & fitness with ease
& tick "get healthy" off your to-do list.
What are you waiting for?